Episode 4 “The Next Morning”


Cock a doodle doo – -! (TL Note: rooster’s are doing their work in the morning)


It’s the 2nd day after my reincarnation.


For the first time since I came to this world it was dawn and I woke up because of a rooster call.


The surroundings gave me the feeling of being in medieval Europe. Until there was the rooster  sound.


Ah, but the cry of the rooster is the same in English, German and French don’t you think?


Well whatever.


It’s still way too early in the morning.


Well I also had an early night sleep yesterday.


Since the room was dark during the night.


It was too dark for me who lived in the modern age to get used to a candle.


I couldn’t even read a book in that light. On the second thought I want a lamp at least.


Therefore oil is necessary as well.


There is room for improvement in this neighborhood.


I felt hesitant about calling someone to serve me this early in the morning, and of taking a walk around the place .


Since I didn’t know the internal structure of my own house.


So I waited for someone to come by but after a while there were still no signs of people.


Because there was nobody around to help me I took the bell which was on the desk near the pillow and rang it.


Ting Ting — (TLN: somehow ting ting finds it way in every chapter )


I tried to make it as quiet as possible but the bell made a loud sound that surprised me.


Because I’m a timid character.


But now I’m the attractive villain, Lord Carlo-De-Medici.


So I can use the bell insolently, it’s fine, I guess.


While I was thinking, the door opened and a middle aged woman wearing maid clothing entered.


It was the head maid Melissa.


Among Carlo’s servants she was the nicest.


To get up and work at such a time, it’s a serious job.


“Good morning Carlo-sama. Do you want to eat?”


“Please do.”


Did I answer it like Carlo?


As an author of novels I try to write a character based on feeling.


But when it becomes a everyday life, even the character becomes difficult to understand.


The breakfast that Melissa and Reina brought were, green salad (salty), boiled egg (salty), bread and finally tea.


There isn’t any sugar in the tea.


After all eating habits …… die hard.


The egg was in good boiled condition, but I want some variation to increase the taste.


Since in the novel every dish they insist on making it “salted” or “grilled with salt”.


Since it’s a natural thing here there’s no helping it.


That reminds me, how do they make salt.


In the novel setting the south side of Medici territory consists of a sea.


“Melissa, how do you get salt?”


“The salt is imported from eastern Itarini kingdom”


So it isn’t made from our salt bed.


“So does that mean it’s expensive?”


“Yes. Because it’s a basic necessity of life”


“Does everyone around this area use this salt?”


“Yes, people use it as far as I know.”


I see, it’s possible to make a huge profit using salt.


So is pepper also stupidly high?


“How about pepper?”


“As for pepper, it is imported from south of Marina continent.”


“Is it expensive?”


“Drastically, I don’t have much to say but, it’s really expensive.”


“Is it considered as its weight being worth the same weight in money?”


“Fufufu, it isn’t that expensive.”


Melissa put a hand over her mouth and started laughing.


I see, it doesn’t cost that much to go out and look for another trade route in the sea.


By the way the currency used around here is the “Yuro”.


The countries present in this area are called the Yuro Countries, because it is the common currency used here.


Gold, silver, nickel and copper are the four types of currency used.


1 Yuro Gold Coin = 50 Yuro Silver coins which = 1000 Yuro Nickel coins which = 10000 Yuro Copper coins.


By the way, when I convert the value into Japanese yen that is a modern Japanese currency 1 Yuro copper coin = 10 yen.


A gold coin is 1 million yen, a silver coin is 2000 yen, a nickel coin is 100 yen, and a copper is 10 yen is the calculation I’ve made.


It’s easy to understand.


Why is it easy? Because I have decided it to be.


It was troublesome for currency to be divided based on a country.


I have rarely used this currency but you can also say a white gold coin is 1 Yuro white gold coin = 10 gold coins which = 100 silver coins.


“Good morning, Carlo-sama.”


As I was finishing my breakfast Pickaru entered the room.


“Good morning, Pickaru.”


“About the plans for today. Yesterday I talked to Fitz Maurice Fitzgerald about the afternoon practice and he accepted. Since you just came back from an injury there isn’t any other particular plan scheduled.”


“I see. In the morning I want to ask a lot of things from you Pickaru. Is that okay?”


“Of course. Ask me whatever you want.”


Pickaru bowed his head respectfully.


Dazzling. I wanted to say it but I resisted the temptation.


I’m an adult as well.


In the morning, I asked Pickaru various questions.


About the country’s borders, economy and economic trends, about this country Franz kingdom and its capital Rue Ann being separated into many branches, and Pickaru answered all of them well.


Pickaru is an excellent man who has the finest of skills in administrative processing and financial management.


Since I was the one who wrote the novel, I know him better.


But for Pickaru, diplomacy and military affairs, demons and magic seems to be a incomprehensible entirely.


It goes without saying that demons exist in this world.


It’s natural for a demon lord to appear in the world.


Magic also exists in this world.


Fire, water, wind, earth, light, darkness are the 6 magic attributes.


Carlo can use various kinds of magic and uses them to try and beat his only rival, the hero Kazuma, but Pickaru doesn’t know that Carlo can use magic.


Actually, I don’t know how to use magic at all.


It’s necessary to learn from someone quickly as possible.


I can’t do anything without magic when I’m facing my strongest rival, the Hero.


“Pickaru, do you know anybody that can teach me how to use magic?”


“Magic huh?. Even if it’s said that people can use magic, it isn’t important to know how to unless you’re a priest or magician. Why do you want to learn magic?”


“No I wanted learn so I can dive into a dungeon soon.”


After hearing what I said Pickaru’s expression suddenly changed.


“No, a gentleman like Carlo-De-Medici should not jump into a labyrinth, it would be a shame to the future Medici generation!!”


“Is that so?”


“The people that dive into labyrinths are of a questionable nature. A high ranking person like Carlo-sama shouldn’t explore this path.”


Well that’s troublesome.


Carlo is a first class adventurer of the dungeon in my setting, there is a story arc where he competes with the hero on who captures the labyrinth faster.


Looking at Pickaru’s angry look it seems as though he won’t give me permission to enter  a dungeon, I’ll have to think of some other means.


That also means that there isn’t a possibility of me getting a magic tutor, what should I do?




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