Episode 5 「F」

The reason I didn’t eat lunch wasn’t because it was salty, but because I was going to meet with someone.

「Nice to meet you. I was on border patrol until the next day but I got assigned to Carlo-sama’s imperial knights this time.  Please take care of me.」

There was a man standing before me who was 185 centimeters tall, and I can see that he is well trained just by looking at his clothes.

His name was Sir Fitz Maurice Fitzgerald, also known as 「F」.

He is an imperial knight and the right hand man of Carlo-De-Medici, who has sworn his loyalty and resolve to Carlo as a knight.

As per the novel setting his age is 32 but he is currently 27.

As an author I felt amazed seeing him.

He looks smart with brown hair, just looking at him makes me think that he is a hollywood actor.

To the point that it made me jealous just to look at him.

Because if I had to compare him with my original world standing he would be considered extremely cool.

But for the time being I’m also a popular person, Carlo who has blond hair and blue eyes.

Well the cheeks have been damaged since I fell down from the horse.

F is a character who becomes fed up and leaves Carlo at the end of the story to become an ally of the hero (planned). But he is still a friend of Carlo in my last writing. (TLN: he is talking about where he left before getting into an accident and reincarnation) (TLN 2: well you can expect all these planned might not happen because of the highlighting he does ….so does that raise a Fail flag O_o  )

Gradually the atmosphere became serious.

Anyway, I’m lucky to meet F since and he is my strongest companion since the start of the novel I must befriend him.

「However, sir’s name is long and difficult to call. Can I call you with a shorter name?」

「Sure. You can call me whatever you like」

「I see, then from now I’ll refer sir as 『F』.」


Oops, was it too early!

That ‘F’ stands dumbfounded, and Pickaru who was listening from the side said something like 「Shortening it to one letter is……」.

But since I have already said it, it couldn’t be helped.

I cannot change the name of a important character.

Even though I have already change Pickaru’s 「Bald」 into an normal name.

I have no choice but to stick with this decision!

「Hahaha, It’s a good and original name. By the way F, there aren’t any other lords who called you like that. I want you as my partner for sparring.」

「Partner? I don’t mind but, is it alright? I heard that you got injured while riding a horse yesterday.」

Oh the story is already spreading.

I must make an impression that Carlo is a bold character.

「What?, I just got a few scratches. It’s nothing to worry about」

While pretending to be tough, I removed the bandage from my arm and showed the wound.

To be honest there is still some pain tingling here and there.

Ah, Since I pulled the bandage off some of the wounds opened up again.

And the pain quickly followed it (watery eyes).

「Is that so, I said a presumptuous thing. I’ll be happy to be your sparring partner.」

「Sorry. Pickaru, please arrange a suitable place.」

「Understood. Then I’ll lead you to the training ground.」

Accompanied by Pickaru, F and I went to the training grounds.

As I was passing by, I noticed that the residence is small after all.

It was too wide for me to live in but for the villain Carlo this is an unsatisfactory house.

I must build the Ball Heart Castle after all.

At the training grounds I purposefully chose blunt weapon for training use.

Afterall F was using a longsword and a shield just like in the novel.

Then Carlo is expected to use an longsword on both of his hands.

「Don’t be reserved, Sir F」

「Well then come at me.」

As we bowed each other, the training began.

The way F held the sword was manly as expected.

As expected of the best in Franz Kingdom.

F observed me from the start. He starts attacking me decisively .

The world of swordplay was unknown to me, but strangely my body moves without my permission.

I had no time to think about how to move and I moved my sword based on instincts.

F was surprised upon seeing my smooth moments, and his became stronger every time.

I received an attack without being conscious of it, waited, and started to counter attack as well.


Is this the rumored cheat ability?

The movements seemed light but at the same time powerful as well.

Besides I can see F’s movements in slow motion sometimes. (TL Note: Zone????)

Not only my reflexes but also my agility increased as time passed on.

Does this depend on the ability of Carlo’s body. As an author I can’t figure it out.

But still I cannot follow the movements of F.

As expected of the master of swordplay in the entire Franz kingdom.

I have try and get some practice with F from now on.

While practicing I remembered a wonderful knockdown technique.

Carlo’s body seems to have a fair amount of stamina, while being absorbed in practice two hours have already passed.

Haaa, haaa, haaa.

As expected my breath ran out.

「Splendid. there isn’t a person who is this high level in my territory, I had a worthwhile time.」

「I’m grateful for your words.」

「Practice swordplay with me from now on. I’ll make you the captain working under me.」

「Oh? No, I have just been promoted to an imperial knight even though I was born from a low family.」

「Social standing does not matter. I think a person with ability should be attached with a suitable status. In any case you will become the leader of the imperial knights sometime soon so accept the position of captain for now.」


(TL NOTE: 『F』 POV PEOPLE ……) [POV = Point of View]

Fitz Maurice Fitzgerald was confused.

I was born as a son of a poor rider who serves the Medici household.

Having studied hard and having good aptitude with the sword since childhood, resulted in the people living in the neighborhood calling me a child prodigy.

My ambition was to become an honorable knight in the future. Based on this I have worked hard for it.

Even when looking around Franz kingdom now, there isn’t a person who has as much self confidence as me.

However having been born in a low social standing is something beyond my control, I was made to guard the borders from the wild tribe.

The post was located far north from Braham, it was not a cheerful job. (TL Note: Jon Snow?? Knights watch ?? Game of thrones ??? what??? now we just need snow zombies)

After I received some distinguished military services, at 27 years of age I was finally allowed to join the imperial knights and came back.

I was surprised that I got a summon from the lord named Carlo, who was considered an odd person.

I was comfortable with being called by an abbreviated name since I had a long name. Most people call me 「Fitz」.

But to be suddenly called a single alphabetic character.

I heard that he fell of from an horse and got injured but he was sparring the next day without any worry of the wound.

It seems that the rumor of him being a bold person was true.

Actually I was even more surprised when fighting.

I thought considering his position, he would not have combat ability and experience .

After all I was taken aback, since there were many times that startled me.

The swordplay was flawless, and I was comfortable with it.

As his character was explained in the image.

It will be considerable practice if I train with him.

But the most surprising of them all was that I was made captain of the imperial knights suddenly.

Saying that he didn’t mind social standing, and it was rewarded based on ability.

I have never heard such a noble in this era.

For a long time I dreamed of becoming an imperial knight and at last became one.

For me to, encountering the lord was presenting a way to show off my ability.

No matter how difficult the job is, it is precious so.

I pledged my sword to serve as 「F」 to the lord Carlo-De-Medici.





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    ミ /彡   
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  2. phyrigia says:

    i still don’t quiet understand why he choose to call Picakaru with his name but Fitz with F. doesn’t he already at least strayed from the scenario? At least it’s just initial so it doesn’t exactly hurt the mind like being called bald.
    thank you!

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    • Poor Quality TL says:

      if you put it like that then yeah
      he is too kind to be a amazing villain but being a author he will try till the end to fulfill his role :3
      which may in the end making him a lone wolf (seriously hope that does not happen)
      and what i’m really waiting is the princess entry


  3. Admira says:

    Ahhh, I get the feeling that no matter how hard he tries to be a villain, the people close to him will just accept it as one of his eccentricities. They know he’s a bit odd, but a good person who does strange things sometimes–that sort of warm gaze. An admirable villain wannabe. =3

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  4. MJ says:

    I find it odd he doesn’t simple tell the chef to reduce th salt in his meals by half. He’s the lord of the manor and he can’t even request the food how he likes it? I bet he’s the type of guy that will eat the rare steak he is given even though he asks for well done. Then complain only after it’s in his belly and dessert is eaten and the check has already come.

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