Episode 6 「Marcus」

After I bowed and returned as Carlo, I talked with Pickaru in my oval office.

I sat down in a cat-like position on the chair which was near the massive desk.

I wondered if the large desk was made out of mahogany, but I didn’t know mahogany well enough to recognise it. (TL Note: Mahogany is a kind of wood—the straight-grained, reddish-brown timber of three tropical hardwood species of the genus Swietenia, indigenous to the Americas, part of the pantropical chinaberry family, Meliaceae.)

I felt like a boss, which made me feel good.

It would be great to have an attractive woman as a secretary rather than a bald……I mean the old Pickaru-san.

「Pickaru, please make F the captain of the imperial knights as I we talked about before.」

「Carlo-sama, that is not my job. Please give the order to the leader of the imperial knights.」

Oh, I thought that I could ask Pickaru to do anything.

「Fumu, so who is the leader of the imperial knights?」

I acted  「 as a person who got amnesia from falling from a horse.」

「Sir Marcus is the leader of the imperial knights. He is a person who has served them since your father’s generation.」

Marcus, Marcus……It feels like I’ve heard that name somewhere before.

Ah, yes……!

Commander Marcus blah blah, I feel like I have written that sentence.

It was not written for some kind of special episode but I wrote it more to match the flow of my writing.

This means that Marcus is the commander now, and F will replace him as the commander of imperial knights in the future.

But the position of commander is only given to people who are skilled.

It looked like the imperial knights would be troubled if I gave the post to someone who is undeserving of the status and and does not have the proper ability.

Well that’s nice, I’ll make use of this opportunity.

「Pickaru, please call Marcus here.」

「As you command.」

Pickaru lowered his head and walked out.

Ah, this is my room.

The overall atmosphere had an antique feeling to it.

I don’t hate it but even if a picture was put in here it wouldn’t make the room look any better.

While I was walking around the room I peeked inside the closet and sat down on the sofa. In front of me was the reception room and the sofa was placed in such a position that it was watching it.

Incidentally I saw a bell present in the desk.

Because my throat was thirsty, I tried to make sound with the bell.

Ting Ting ーー (TL Note: The Chronicles of Ting Ting Returns)

「Did you call?」

Reina, dressed as a maid, appeared immediately.

She was kawaii, even though her breasts weren’t that big.

How old was she?

Ah, when did I first see this girl.

……Unpleasant memories.

I cannot erase my past.

I encountered two people who I was not destined to meet. (TL Note: Chapter 1 incident)

It’s a tragedy.

But wait?

At that time, I didn’t know I was Carlo.

The one she saw was her master Carlo not me.

Carlo was the one who was using the urinal not me! (TL:  He is at Denial Stage kek)

I found myself to be fine for some mysterious reason.


Yes, I’m the broad minded arrogant villain Carlo.

I have been seen while peeing in a urinal, and I don’t care.

「Carlo-sama? May I help you?」

「Sorry, I was a little lost in my thoughts. Apart from that, how old are you Reina?」

「Eh?, I’ll become 17 this year.」

Strike out!

She is an adolescent aged girl.

「I see, I feel a bit thirsty. Can you get me some water?」

「Understood, I’ll bring it right now.」

Reina lowered her head as she spoke and walked out.

I didn’t do badly.

To ask a girl her age so casually, as expected the Carlo effect is wonderful.

But in my original world it’s an absolutely impossible feat to ask people their age.

Reina returned at the same time as another person came in.

He was a slightly elderly man with a fine, wonderful moustache.

His eyes were so small that I didn’t know whether they were open or closed.

He looked like the stubborn commander of some space battleship.

「It’s been a long time, Carlo-sama. Please give any orders to this Marcus.」

He sat on the sofa without waiting for my permission.

As a veteran knight he seemed powerful in a sense.

But I’m the villain, Carlo, I cannot be drawn to it.

「Ah, Marcus. Have you been in good health?」

「Yes thanks to you. What is my order?」

Uh, I can feel the pressure.

I will not be drawn in.

「Do you know a man named Fitzgerald who has joined the Imperial knights recently?」

「Oh, yes I know him. Did that man do something wrong?」

「How does Marcus see him?」

「He is someone with considerable sword skills and nerves of steel. To be honest, him being a peace knight until now is a marvel. Well, him having a low pedigree might be the reason for that.」

This old man has a really good eye for people.

「I see. Then please make Fitzgerald the captain under my direct command.」

Old man Marcus looked at me with narrowed eyes.

The commander squinted so intensely that his eyes weren’t visible.

Oops, I almost forgot this is the place where I change the subject.

「Understood. I’ll do it right away tomorrow.」

「Thank you. Changing the subject Marcus, what do you think about the present Franz royal family?」

「Well, it seems that they are concentrating on their own power, their relation with the strong feudal lords seems to be quite cold.」

「I see, what about me?」

「The Medici family is an eminent aristocratic family. Because of Carlo-sama’s behavior, I have no idea how to become better acquainted with him.」

「Lets try to replace the place of strong feudal lords is what your saying huh.」

Unn, this old man is quite knowledgeable.

Because in my novel the Franz king is quite opposed to the strong feudal lords, I will make Carlo engaged with the princess.

But the princess falls in love with the hero, and ends up getting married to him at the end (Planned). (TL Note: just leaving a troll face here  ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) )

「Then, what do you think of those barbarians?」

The Franz kingdom consists of Medici territory and extends to the north side that consists of barbarian people.

The barbarians broke through the border and invaded the north and Carlo had quite the trouble repelling them in my novel.

I was not too interested in it when I wrote that.

「When he returned Fitzgerald stated that there will be a low possibility of invasions this year. However the possibility of them invading the borders in the next 2 to 3 years is  high.」

「I see. So we don’t need to take necessary measures immediately.」

This old man can be useful.

There is also diplomatic insight, it fits to have someone that has an opinion on the barbarians.

Carlo has various methods of dealing with the barbarians, but the people who lead the military are important as well.

「Marcus, I have a secret I would like to consult with you about.」

「……About what?」

「As soon as possible I would like you to make Fitzgerald your successor in the imperial knights.」

「Oh, does that mean you feel insecure with this old man protecting you?」

「It’s the opposite. I want you to lead the military.」

(Marcus POV from now on)

Marcus didn’t show any expression on his face but he was surprised to hear what Carlo was saying.

Carlo is not stupid like his predecessors, he wanted Marcus to be more than just a person who served him.

As for the proof, until now I have never had a frank discussion with him.

Being summoned suddenly, and talking about this, seemed a bit unusual to me.

I heard that he fell off a horse, did he hurt his head?

But I feel like it’s a bit different than just that.

It’s as if the person in front of me has completely changed.

But even so, the selection of Fitzgerald was not a bad idea.

And the question about diplomacy was spot on as well.

The thing that impressed me the most is the talk about the barbarians.

The nobles of this country tend to look down on barbarians calling them a savage people and then neglect to think about them.

But not seeing the barbarians as an equal fighting power was culturally foolish of them.

But from Carlo I was hearing the right judgment of considering them as a threat from the start and preparing counter measures.

Based on my own experience it was the right thing to do.

Oh, even if he got hit on the head and changed personality, it turned out to be too good to refuse it.

I used to think that he was just a naive blond kid but he turned out to be quite the person.

I thought I would pass my days peacefully but it seems that I have some more work to do.

「I see. As you command. I will follow you order and elevate Fitzgerald to the position of commander soon.」

「It’s bad manners, but please consider a way to put the talk into practice.」

「Okay, I will excuse myself now.」(TL Note: Back to Carlo POV)

Marcus went out.

He seemed to take my suggestion favorably.

Now I’ve gotten acquainted with someone who will mentor F and they turned out to be a quite competent person,

This is a step forward towards the end the story.




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