Episode 7 「Dojji」


After Marcus left I had a salty dinner.


Later I was relaxing in my bedroom, and Reina came inside.


「The bath is ready. Do you want to enter?」


Ah yes, the nobles have a custom of taking baths after dinner.


And because I liked taking baths rather than showering, it was a perfect setting for me.


When there were only baths It was easier to write mufufu in the story. (TL Note: Mufufu :3 you know what it is )


「I see, Then I will do that.」


I entered the bathroom with Reina.


Ooh, the bathroom is spacious!


Now, Reina’s helping me to take off my clothes.




「Re-Reina, that is enough.」


「Don’t you need me to wash your back? 」


No, the situation is like eroge?


The hurdle is too high. For a virgin like to me to have a 17 year old girl wash my back suddenly…


I’m not ready for it. (TL Note: Tch Virgin’s)


「It’s alright I will wash myself.」


Reluctantly I pulled at my hair while crying manly tears.


I feel like I just broke a very important flag by myself.




I felt a bit lonely while relaxing in the bathtub.


So, what should I do from now on.


I was able to meet F, but now I have to look for more friends.


A member of the party, The masked mercenary 「 Akatsuki 」 .(TL Note: Log Horizon o_o? )


Her real motive is unknown but does she anything for gold. Truly a mysterious mercenary.


Afterwards, the dark elf warrior Zarissu did not hesitate in doing unjust things when partying with us.


I want to be accepted in these areas as soon as possible.


The other member, farmer Dojji, I think we are going to meet soon.


Also I should leave diplomacy and supplies to human resources from Narus’ troops.


I wonder if the human resources is enough for the time being.


Ah, I need to look for a person who can teach me magic.


Another thing is that I have to absolutely meet princess Charlotte soon.


Because Franz Joan III wins Carlo over to his side by making the princess his fiancé.


However Carlo confines Joan III in a prison at the latter half of the story, planning to become the king of Franz kingdom.


Princess Charlotte who noticed his plot asks help from the hero, which gave an opportunity for them to fall in love with each other and build a new country together at the end of the story(planned) (TL Note: again im leaving this troll face for no reason ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)   )   


When the novel begins princess Charlotte and Carlo were already engaged, I must somehow create an engagement with princess Charlotte within these five years.


There are so many things I have to do.


I have to do them by any means.


The first thing is to set up a banquet.


Carlo’s setting is that he is a playboy.


I have to change woman one after another to make the girls cry.


He uses women for mufufu. (TL Note:  he uses women as a plaything is what the author mc wants to say)


Getting up to naughty stuff with big sisters.


This means I cannot be a virgin for long.


Isn’t this a serious problem?


I don’t want to do it but there is no helping it since it’s a duty.


I prepared my mind to have this problem settled soon.


While thinking about it, I started to feel dizzy.


Since I felt dizzy I got up from the bath and went to the bedroom, and just slept.


Next morning, 3rd day after the reincarnation.


Today I took a morning stroll around the house.


I refused the guards requests to follow me and started walking.


It’s highly likely that it’s an Autumn sky.


I noticed that my head had changed color while walking around the wheat fields. (TL Note: The Author Mentioning the reflection produced by the wheat in sunlight)


Pickaru said that this year we had a large harvest.


Then I came across a large man who was breaking firewood.


The man was wearing a straw hat and has a long axe that he’s using to chop the wood.


He was 190 cm tall and considerably big length wise.


He had a rugged face. but I felt that he was gentle on the inside.


Because this is Dojji, one of Carlo’s companions in my novel.


「Dojji , you’re working hard.」


「Ah, good morning, Carlo-sama. Do you feel better now?」


Dojji lowered his head while wiping off his sweat.


He is the son of a peasant who is 18 years old, and is now working for Carlo.


He respects Carlo sincerely, and is one of the few members who will not betray him until the last part. (planned). (TL Note: Oh so he will betray this Carlo at some point o.o ??? )  


He has muscular strength and uses an axe or a club for fighting.


He is an active member of the party as well.


「Ah, I’m fine. Other than that Dojji, are you busy after this? I want you to accompany me.」


「Sure. I can work later.」


Accompanied by Dojji I walked to the hill where the mansion is.


The scenery from top of the hill gave off a medieval age feeling.


A huge windmill in the farm turns around constantly.


I can see the Braham brick roof while watching the sky.


It is a remote town which is the biggest in the Medici territory.


The town is surrounded by hills.


The center of the town is the St. Perrier cathedral.


The light of the church is the symbol of the town.


The town was glowing in a radial pattern.


But since the roads were not paved, the dust was rising due to horses and carriages passing.


Wow, this is the world I imagined while writing the novel.


A town with windmill, farm and a sanctuary.  


While looking at it, I couldn’t hold back my tears.


This is the world I made.


I had a feeling like my novel was getting a live action adaptation right now.


「Is there something wrong Carlo-sama?」


「No its nothing. Dojji, how many days does it take to reach the capital Rue Ann?」


「Well let see, on an horse it takes about 3 days, in a carriage it’s about 5 days, but if you’re walking it takes about 7 days.」


As expected it takes a lot of time.


At this rate the communication of information is important.


When the roads are maintained the distribution probably becomes active.


「That is the Homurusu river.」


A large river running through the east side of town.


The Homurusu river flows from the Bar Rossa mountains from the north.


The Medici territory depends upon the Homurusu river’s aquatic resources.


It was a blessing that we can cut the river off on both sides if heavy flood damage ever happened.


My image was of the nile river in egypt.


The vast Ruido forest spreads over the side.


「How is Homurusu river recently.」


「There does not seem to be any floods recently. Just that area with bad drainage which causes trouble.」


I see, there is so much damn ground around the town.


This might interfere with development.


That reminds me about the big mansions that were present in the neighborhood.  


「Dojji, do the rich people live on the upside of the town?」


「Normally yes. The rich people live in the upside of the town while the poor people live below the hill.」


Accompanied by Dojji I went down the hill.


Because of the large gauze on my cheeks, people did not recognize me as Carlo.


The stores were lined up in the town and people were barking like dogs trying to invite customers to their shop.


Many housewives were shopping with a basket.


The difference between quiet town on top of the hill and here is the life of the common people.


「It’s humid here and isn’t the drainage a bit bad?」


「Though the house is this far, mother always complains that mold grows because of the flowing water.」


As expected.


As I thought it is probably related to the bad drainage.


When writing the novel I didn’t pay attention to the drainage system.


But this is a serious issue if I actually live here.


This also needs to be improved.


「I see, how are the people that live here?」


「Since the farmers harvest this year is high we will make use of the harvest conservatively and with great pleasure」


A smile appeared on Dojji’s face.


I see, there is room for life this year.





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  1. exqalph03 says:

    Thanks for the chapter~ ^^.
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    With what he’s doing then even in the late part of the game/story? then won’t the characters still believe in him, lol.
    A villain that you just can’t hate? instead come to like, lol.

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  3. Lorry says:

    Just found this, excited to see how it develops. I’m always looking for stories where the main character is like a fish out of water, and has to bluff his way 90% of the time. Thank you for taking the time to translate this!


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