Heavenly evil. – lets talk about the love of angels and demons



Author:背谷 燈

A certain indoor boy finished an eroge game and closed his eyes to review it, when a strange guy suddenly appeared before his eyes.Without understanding the situation clearly, ‘I will not die so easily,’ he thus received a curse (blessing), and was thrown (forcefully sent) to another world.Then, he was sent to a world of despair where the perception of ugly and beauty has been altered.In that world of depair, the boy was hailed as a hero. And the demon king who cannot die challenged the boy saying, “Somehow find a way to kill me.” As a result, the hero overwhelmed the demon king.But for some reason, he was forced back into the game and appointed as the demon king.And the hero goes on the journey, “No, it’s impossible,” while he was thinking like that in his heart, he still embraced his mission and journeyed the land.