Solar calendar year 150

Triad, Whela Kingdom.

During the time when the sun was setting down colouring the skies yellowish just like any other normal day.

But unlike any other day there was a certain event that is taking place in the demon lord’s castle.

There was a person is surrounded by both demon’s as well as humans.

To that person’s dismay the humans who have surrounded was her comrades that she took her journey with.

But at this moment they have betrayed her and became the ally of the demon king.

As the demon king stepped forward, he looked at the sorry state of the hero who was once a threat to his country.

He starts to laugh while watching the scene.

Hahaha…..You might have never expected a day where you would get utterly destroyed by your own comrades. This is why our esteemed self never trusted you humans to begin with

Looking at his mockery the hero gritted her teeth and replied with anger

You must have used some kind of strong charm magic to turn my comrades against me!”

That sort of power isn’t needed to deal with the these greedy humans that you call as comrades. They sold you out in exchange for becoming my subordinate

Hearing that reply the hero turned to her former comrades

You people…..why? Don’t you want to fight against these filthy demons that are occupying which rightfully deserve to use human being?”

For that question the smug looking blond man replied

Sorry little Missy the world does not work as you think. Even if you were to bring peace between human and demon there is still going to be war and fight in the future… So we decided to leave to demon race so that human race remains unified while achieving some personal benefits for ourselves. It would have been great to have tasted your body before you die but alas we don’t have time for that now


Hearing her former comrade’s statement the hero gritted her teeth that it started bleeding from her mouth

Haha….It’s interesting seeing a human on the brink of despair. Well we don’t have all day for this hurry up and kill her and get it over with

Hearing the demon lord’s command her former comrades and demons surrounded her and started attacking her all around leaving vital stab and dismembering all the parts of her body.

On her final moments of death she started mumbling

I’ll kill you…I’ll kill each and every one of you human nor demo—”

While looking at the gory state of once his Arch nemesis the demon lord started to give Command’s to his subordinates.

amusing, depravity takes over even the purest of souls…..Clean up the body and give a proper buri—-

While he was giving command’s a sharp golden blade was pierced his vital point from behind.

Unable to react to it the demon lord fell down and raised his head to look at the person who stabbed him.

But to his surprise, there was a maiden who had a sinister smile whose hair is brown as wheat who looked similar to him and the person whom he dote his whole life with even though that person is half demon born from his father and a human.

gomenasai onii-sama

It was his sister who stabbed him from the back while smiling at him.

…….Why? I treated you as if you were my real sister why did you betray me?

Using his last ounce of strength the demon lord asked his sister but to his dismay the answer he got crushed the last amount hope & will to live in him

Onii-sama is too strong so without the hero the humans fear that they would be destroyed by onii-sama. So we negotiated in back ground to kill both onii-sama and the hero and make me the new demon lord to maintain peace since the humans trust me being an half human and all

Clare, Don’t get deceived by the humans after they finish me off they would kill you as well

My, my Arioch onii-sama are you still believing that I am being deceived… Hahaha you manage to make me laugh even at your end…it was me who was deceiving you all this time. I was working with the humans from the beginning to over throw your rule

Hearing those words made demon lord lose his sanity on realizing his beloved sister’s betrayal

I swear on my Arioch name that I will take revenge for each and every one of you and until my soul crumbles into frag—

His half-sister stabbed his head with a sword before he could finish his declaration and smiled at his dead corpse.

Hahaha…Rest in peace onii-sama you were amusing till your last breath for that I’ll feed your dead corpse to our dragons

This lead both the hero and demon lord astray from their destinies and make them swore revenge on their comrades and family members.


Fun Fact

1.) Arioch – (unk) Demon of vengeance.


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